Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*** Let Go - Breast Pump & Back Pack ***

Ok ari ni mama nak let go Breast Pump & Back Pack
barang2 ni kepunyaan kawan mama..
mama as a friend nak tolong untuk let go barang ni...
so kalo ada sape yang minat kasitau k...
jom kiter baca ape function nyer k


RETAIL : RM 388.00

TO SALE : RM 300.00!!!!
so CHEAP k

Product Descriptions:-

  • The most special feature about Spectra 3 is that it is smaller size than Spectra 2 therefore more ideal for traveling.
  • The kit is very easy to use as it is automatic.
  • Accessories (breast shield,tubing) are separable so it's easy to wash and sterilize.
  • Its light weight and compact design make it extremely portable and good to use in a small space.
  • It contains 1 set of breast shield.
  • It has a very simple and neat design with a built-in cylinder.
  • Users can feel comfortable by pumping in a rhythm that is just like an actual nursing infant's sucking rhythm.
  • It has controllable suction levels.
  • Its high suction strength makes it possible to express milk out of both breasts.
    Special features
  • Can be converted into a double pump.
  • Minimum noise during breast pumping session ( more piracy ).

This set contains:
1 Bottle with wide neck teat and bottle cap
1 conversion kit for wide neck bottles
1 Breast shield set and tubing only.

How it works
The kit applies the piston and cylinder using electrical motor power creating suction power. The suction cycle matched at 40-52 times a minute similar to baby's natural sucking.

How to use
1. Clean the kit.
2. Connect the power.
3. Connect the tubing to the breast shield.
4. Assemble the bottle onto the breast shield.
5. Set the suction power to the lowest position.
6. Set the nipple in the center of the breast shield
7. Turn the unit on.
8. Adjust the suction strength properly.
9. Turn the kit off after using.

Mom's Precious: Back Pack ( NEW!!! )

RETAIL : RM 140.00
TO SALE : RM 120.00 ONLY!!!

Product Descriptions :
A professional looking and stylish back pack design. This bag also offers ample space to hold any double electric breast pumps (eg. Medela Pump in Style, Medela Mini Electric plus, Ameda Lactaline, Spectra 2 and Spectra 3, Avent Isis Duo). This is a reasonably discreet way to carry all your expressing equipment.

  • Roomy and stylish back pack bag (black colour) in a durable, stain-resistant nylon provides plenty of space for all the essentials
  • Adjustable strap for customized drop length, special handle for hand carry option
  • It can be turned into a handy office bag to put your notebook, files etc OR a mummy bag when travelling with baby!
  • Small access at the back of the bag for the Spectra 2 and 3 plug to attach to a power point (no need to take out your spectra pumps and pump straight from the bag!) SAVES you precious time!

SAVE PACKAGE : SPECTRA 3 + BACK PACK = RM 400 ONLY!!! ( save : RM20.00 )

free postage !!!
COD @ area puchong, seri kembangan, KL, putrajaya, bangi, shah alam....

@ email ke :


mama rifQy said...

sgt murh brest pump itu..apakn da ade 1!brand yg same!
nk promote..mmg bgs spectra3!

Hezesuze said...

ermm xminat beli coz xde baby kocik....heheheh

AshAnas said...

mmcm berminat je back pack tu... shira tgh cr backpack yg leh bubuh pam spectra, ada cooler bag n leh taruk laptop dell shira ni skali... anje tgk yg tu sesuai tak?

syawalsimpsons said...

klo breast pump 2...klo pump sktnyer 2 elang x?ye la yg manual pun still skt x mo susu kuar...

[-suziey-] said...

waa menjual brg yg tdk digunakan..bole reduce brg kt umah kan..hikss...

mama rifQy said...

for me,gune spectra3 nih..xsakit pon..biase2 jeee!

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