Friday, December 24, 2010

♥ How To Publish Post Via E-mail? ♥

The Mail-to-Blogger feature in the blog enables you to publish the post via Email. For this feature you have to make a change in you r blog setting. Just go to “Settings” then click “E-mail & Mobile” or “E-mail”

You can create a Mail-to-Blogger address which you will use to publish the posts via email to your blog:

To post to your blog via email, you need to configure your Mail-to-Blogger email address in Settings | Email:
The format of the email address will be Note that this Email must be kept secret. Otherwise, anyone who gets it will be able to post as you.

Also be sure to specify whether or not you prefer your email posts to publish automatically. If this option is not checked, then your posts will be saved on your account but will not appear on your blog until you log in to and publish them yourself.

Once you have saved your Settings, you can send email to your blog. The subjects of your email letters will be the titles of your posts, and the body of the emails will be the posts themselves. To include an image in your post, you can attach an image to you your email.

• Sometimes email programs append text to the bottom of each sent message; to make sure this cruft doesn't get posted to your blog, put #end at the end of your post.

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untuk Tutorial Bahasa Malaysia sila klik link sifu mama ni k


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

versi alih bahasa disini :)

♥ Anje a.k.a Mama_Balqis ♥ said...

to eliss: te ye sifu, kita copycat letak kat entry k link tu

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks for the info :) kot2 berguna utk masa2 kecemasan ni heheh

atty's said...

kalo pakai mobile pun leh tenet pun leh .pakai sms melalui flickr pun leh, dunia makin canggih..makin senang dah keje kita.

mummy_ayu said...

tak pernah try pun...and baru tahu jugak..tq for info!!!

mummy_ayu said...

tak pernah try pun...and baru tahu jugak..tq for info!!!

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

yup. sy biasa buat via email if guna wat posting via hp..

MrS. F!zA said...

sharing is caring ♥♥

Farra Dhelina said...

blh try ni..tq anje

kayyana said...

wah..thanks for the info k

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