Tuesday, September 25, 2012

♥ Confirm!!! Info Catwalk Stride Rite The 2nd Annual Asia Little Star Contest @ Pavvilion ♥

Congratulations for advancing into the finals of our contest! Your kid could be one of the two final winners of the competition, and walk away with RM400 worth of Stride Rite gift certificates, and to be featured in Stride Rite marketing collaterals. What’s more, our business partner, The Picture Company, would be sponsoring an exclusive photo shooting session with two 8x10 photo prints, and a one-year membership with unlimited photo shoots and member privileges throughout the year for each of the two final winners!

(A) Further to the phone conversation, we cordially invite you and your child to an audition.
Date:10 Oct 2012, Wednesday 
Time: 5:30 pm
Address:The Picture Company, Level 6, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(sib baik dapat xtend outstation ke Indon to 15 Oct - 19 Oct demi audition balqis)

(B) During the audition, you would receive the sponsored prize of one 5x7 photo prints from the photography session from The Picture Company. As outfits would not be provided by the studio, your child may wish to come dressed in his or her best outfits. - tak tau nak pakai baju ape, mamy tak de pengalaman bab catwalk & photoshoot ni

(C) Kindly bring along your child’s birth certificate for verification purpose.- jgn la lupa bawak, kalo tak nanye je...

(D) At the audition, as your prize for entering into the finals, we would be presenting you with a redemption letter. You can use the letter in our Stride Rite store to redeem ANY ONE pair of shoes that your child fancies! - bab ni paling SUKA leh pilih kasut yang berkenan, siap Google kat website siap2

"mood agak ke laut biler kngkan komen @ FB Stride Ride psl isu pemilihan TOP 10 , mmg mamy tau gambo balqis yg terpilih tu snap2 kat Jusco je, bukan gambo studio pun, then mmg tak pernah attend casting cenggini, mmg rasa kecil di mata juri & diantara TOP 10 yang ada....rasa down plak nak pi audition nanti....hope kami dapat lakukan ape yang terbaik untuk kami..."

p/s berdebar2 gak rasanya, walaupun event tak open kat public, just for fun je ni...dapat kasut Stride Ride sepasang pun mamy dah syukur rahmat, ing...moga Damia Nurin Balqis wat yang terbaik time tu, masih dok pikir2 nak bagi Damia Nurin balqis pakai baju ape ye time tu?any suggestion from comper2 bab2 catwalk?

p/s just nak share je k, anak i bukan glamour mana pun, dapat merasa terpilih tu pun dah bersyukur sangat2...


mamaRIFQY said...

mmg xde pengalaman la anje..kikiki..apepon gudluck ye untuk balqis

eima said...

goodluck...syok balqis kecik dah merasa catwalk

mama leen said...

bestnya balkis

TiranaAduka said...

menarik tu..

Zura@Iwan said...

wahh...tahniah Qis

Sweetmama@EiJa ZaQuaNZiQrY said...

Goodluck Balqis :)

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