Wednesday, May 18, 2011

♥ YOU'RE INVITED: The Magic Continues...New Disney Channel in Town! ♥

Hello again!! I'm soooooo excited to be inviting you to a special mom-blogger-only premiere of the latest preschool channel, Disney Junior, in Malaysia together with Nancy Kanter who's flying in all the way from the United States to meet you. You can call her the "creator" of Playhouse Disney...and is now heading Disney Junior worldwide! : )
We hope to introduce you to a new Disney magical, musical, and heartfelt 3 simple steps...just like how Special Agent Oso does it (heehee...for those who are familiar with the series on the Playhouse Disney channel! : )...
Step 1: Learn About Disney Junior with Nancy Kanter - A Mom Blogger Dinner on June 1, 2011, Wednesday, 7.30pm, Marmalade Restaurant @ Bangsar Village II (e-invite at the bottom of this note & attached)
Step 2: Play with Disney Junior - Disney Junior Family Adventure on July 2, Saturday
(for attendees of the dinner and family, a by-invitation-only family event)
The Disney Junior Family Adventure is a uniquely exciting experience for the kids and parents with play activities that are fun for learning as well. Participants will experience all the magic of Disney Junior as the children's favorite programs such as Jake & The Never Land Pirates (new series and to be premiered in July), Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are "brought to live" in this event!
Step 3: Watch Disney Junior - the NEW brand channel premieres on July 11!

Really hope that you can make it, and be cool if you can RSVP by May 25, 2011! :-)
ada sape2 pi event ni?mama selalu dapat invitation camni, tapi tak pernah pi rasa cam nak pi plak untuk kali ni, tapi tak de geng la plak, ada sape2 dapat invitation camni gak?

p/s ada sape2 pi?mama dah banyak kali dapat invitation camni, tapi tak pernah join, kali ni macam nak join tapi tak tau la papa bagi ke tak?kalo ada yang pi leh email mama @
yang tak best time Maghrib la event
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syawalsimpsons said...

nak gak x tau camne nk join...mmmm

Lina said...

bestnyer dpt invitation cam ni...alar pegilar nanti bole cite kat blog :)

LiLy @ MaMaQiStInA said...

Bestnye dpt Invitation..
Klu kita yg duk jauh ni..mmg kompomlah x dpt pegi.. :)

Liz said...

saya pergi. jumpa di sana.

Mama Zharfan said...

ayu rafikah+ezna akan attend rasanya--me tak boleh attend apa2 event waktu mlm--my lil ariff kecik lg ;)

MamaYatie said...

boley je anje join..maghrib awal kan skrg..pegi awal sket, maghrib kat sana..hehee..memandai jer tolong plan yer

Unknown said...

setakat ni x penah lagi di invite & rasanya agak sukar juga lah nak pegi sbb jauh dari jb....

Unknown said...

oh Maghribb..susah sket kan

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